Unimoose Do Houston

May 5-9, 2004

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Steve, Karl, Jacquelyn. Robert & Sydney, outside the George R Brown Convention Center.
Steve & Robert waiting for the Game to begin. Feel the Excitement!
Shelley in the Garden. Just call me Eve.
Jacquelyn, Sydney & Robert in the Garden. No snakes here.
Steve & Cindy at Dinner, Saturday.
Sallie, itching for a drink (of water)
Brad, looking Suave & Debonair
Jay, lounging with Drink (not water)
Jacquelyn shows us How It's Done.
Robert practices.
Everyone gives it a whirl.
It's been a long weekend.
Steve & Karl yucking it up.
Karl & Sunny
Jacquelyn, Steve, Robert & Sydney--the last day.

The Official Team Photo of Our Favorite Team!

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