CRIME SCENE: 02/27/09, 12:57AM

I am awakened by a phone call. They hang up before I can answer. Caller ID says's it's Boy Unit. WTF? I return the call, and it's obvious that he is totally drunk. The police take his cell phone, and ask me to come to the crime scene. Fortunately it's only a half a block from the house. I throw on jeans and tennis shoes and leave the house. The patio light is on, my car is gone, his truck is gone, the storage room light is on, the door is standing open, Lulu is running around outside. I repeat, WTF, WTF?!?

I walk down the street towards the flashing lights. My car is angled across the street and is surrounded by cop cars. Boy Unit is in handcuffs, and The Zachster is at least reasonably cognizant enough to talk to the cops.

It takes some digging to get to the bottom of the mystery: they went ot the store for beer and cigarettes, and on the way back, skidded the truck into the only streetside mail box in the entire neighborhood. They couldn't push the truck out of the yard, so they came up with the brilliant plan of using my car to pull his truck out with a piece of twine.

That's when the police found them.

There was another attempt to push the truck out of the yard, which involved the clever (*eyeroll*) use of telephone books to provide traction. Needless to say this was as ineffective as the Twine Concept.

The police released the culprits into my custody & called a tow truck.

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Tow truck: $135.

DUI: Avoided (they weren't actually caught behind the wheel).

Public Intoxication: Avoided

Photos: Priceless.

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