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Rated: R for language, violence.

Category: Drama, wherein the story forks off of canon at the season 2 episode "The Intruder" and into alternative possibility.

Spoilers: All of Season 1, and Season 2 up and including 'The Intruder', at which point this heads off road.

Disclaimer: The characters from Stargate: Atlantis belong to Sony Pictures Television, MGM Television and Acme Shark. The cast of original characters come from my fevered mind.

Summary: That which does not kill us, makes us stronger--Friedrich Nietzsche.

Author's Notes: Any and all comments and criticism are welcome. Unlikely science, language, quasi-religions and world building ensue, along with more than a few original characters. Anything too improbable, just wave your hand with me; it's just a story. Sadly, there is no soundtrack to offer, this story was written in complete silence. Title comes from a Norwegian fairytale. 1st draft started 7/14/06, and finally completed 9/09/07.

Beta: It takes a village, to co-opt a phrase. This story would never have been completed without the prodding, much needed beta and cheerleading by Auburn; ArmyRat gave me military, math, science and moral support; and of course, the wicked red pen of candygramme, because a story isn't done until she's had her way with it, and gypsy1969 stepped in with further science and beta, as well as asking all of the difficult questions.

Thank you so much, all of you, for jumping into the deep end with me and helping me to make this story far, far better than it was. However, all errors, inconsistencies and oddities are all mine, because I fail at taking directions and insist upon continually poking and prodding.

Edited 10/20/07 to resolve most of the egregious coding errors!

Edited 11/23/2007 to add Te Domum to the mix

Edited 12/06/2007 to add the map that gypsy1969 made for me!

Edited 09/26/2008 to resolve a few minor oddities.

Edited 12/29/08 to add Plum 40 to the mix.


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