Glamour Shots!
Nothing like a little self-aggrandizement--I wanted a picture of my sister and I, and the local Glamourshot folks were in the mall. So, we got tarted up, and had some pictures taken. N.B. There are some weird shadows on a few of them, it looks like we have a rash. I assure you, we didn't suffer from any skin diseases when these were taken. Weird.
Also, I have edited this page to show links intead of images--easier on the dial up folks that way.
Shelley & Susie in leather
Susie & Shelley in feather boas
Susie in Red
Susie in leopard
Susie in Leather
Shelley in White
Shelley in White 2
Shelly in Velvet
USA Shelley
USA Shelley 2
Shelley w/Green BG
Shelley w/Blue feather boa
Shelley w/Blue feather boa 2