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I've instituted a non-MPAA rating system as of March 2005.
E for Everyone, T for Teen, M for Mature and A for Adults Only

Star Trek: Voyager A story I had intended to be the beginning of a Shaharazade style series, but stands well wnough on its own. ~4180 words Rated E The End
X-Files: Weird little piece written in reply to a "Kryek Is Not Really Dead" challenge at the Nick Zone ~1045 words Rated T Redemption
X-Files: OMG, this was fueled by Rage. Alex Krycek gets his revenge upon Chris Carter. ~2066 words Rated M for violence Have Yourself A Ball
Original: This one... no explanation other than waiting in airports and unbridled rapture over a trip to Toronto and a first showing of a Nick Lea Movie. ~1440 words Rated S for Silly Untitled Ridiculousness
Highlander: featuring Cory Raines, written for the April Fool's Challenge at the Nick Zone ~3440 words Barely Rated T Taliesin
Smallville Round Robin for which I wrote Part 7. Completely harmless. Link is to the local page, the RR site found and updated. ~1223 words Barely Rated T Shopping Spree
Smallville: For Livia's Ray Bradbury Title Challenge, my homage, as it were. ~1337 words Barely Rated T Dandelion Wine
Smallville: song fic. ~269 words Rated E Days Go By
Smallville: For the Sports Night Title Challenge. ~704 words Rated E Sword of Orion
NYPD Blue: Frank Colohan. Songfic. ~475 words Rated T Family Portrait
Their Second Chance: Roy was another NLC that's almost OC. Written for the Zone Zine 1. ~19,500 words Rated T Removed from web. long story.
Smallville: Written for Te's "Murder Your Darlings" challenge (no archive), so yes, characters die. Set in Old West, so it also fills a Historical and AU challenge. ~4063 words Rated T Streets of Smallville
Highlander: Written for the ZoneZineII. Cory Raines Rated E Minstrel Song
Bad Company: written for the nick_zone 15 minute challenge. ~225 words Rated G Bad Company
due South: Silliness with Ray, Dief and Fraser. Inspired by Bill Geist on "Sunday Morning". ~568 words Rated E A Shaggy Dog Story
Threshold: a post movie Vignette. ~497 words Rated E Threshold
X-Files: post-series. Alex Krycek isn't dead. cover art. ~15,493 words Rated T Rubicon
Lunch With Charles: Matthew mourns Hunter S. Thompson and goes on a trip. For the First NickZone Lyric Wheel. ~2619 words Rated E The Earth Died Screaming, Or, A Journey to the Edge While Marching On a Road of Bones
Threshold/Stargate SG1: crossover Dr. Geronimo Horne stumbles across a mystery and lands firmly in the rabbit hole. ~32,600 Rated E Nova Vitae
Impossible Elephant/Lunch With Charles: crossover Stephen Harris meets Matthew Random, sparks fly. This story ate my life for months, and I'm still not sure anyone ever read it! ~20,200 words Rated E Regarding The Growth of Snowflakes Under Pressure
Stargate Atlantis: Dr. Rodney McKay for the sga_flashfic Left Behind Challenge ~1050 words Rated E Habits of A Lifetime
Stargate Atlantis: The Team finds something they didn't expect. sga_flashfic Left Behind Challenge ~666 words Rated E Shattered Conviction
Stargate Atlantis: For the Reel_SGA Challenge: John Sheppard as Lawrence of Arabia. ~27,400 words Rated E Nil Nisi Bonum
Stargate Atlantis: For the sga_flashfic Culture Clash Challenge: Mild Rodney/Ronon Slash, humor. Warning: religion! ~1400 words Rated T When Ronon Converted
Stargate Atlantis: For the sga_flashfic Missing Person Challenge: The team gets into trouble off world, and the consequences are beyond their imaginings. Mind the Warnings! ~13,000 words Rated M The Strange Case of Dr. McKay and Mr. X
Men In Trees/Earth Angels: crossover A deliciously little perverse snippet. ~500 words Rated E Meanwhile, Back At The Parsonage...
Their Second Chance: Written for The NickZone "Five Things That never Happened Challenge", a sequel of sorts to Blue Moon and Red Sky Rated T Removed from web. long story.
Stargate Atlantis: for the sga_flashfic Backstory Challenge. John doesn't think this is anything like his regular life. ~6000 words Rated E Apocrypha
Stargate Atlantis: novel. It's a 'what if' AU branching from the 2nd Season episode Intruder, beginning with the Daedalus crashing on a planet instead of escaping the Wraith AI virus and reaching Atlantis (tm Auburn). Story is complete at ~145,350 words Rated M East of The Sun, West of The Moon
Stargate Atlantis: A story set in the far future of the East/West 'verse. ~2600 words for the sga_flashfic Ways to Die Challenge, so you know, a warning. Rated E Te Domum, Venit Hesperus, Ita Carus Filia
Original: A another story rated S for Silly. Set in the far, far future. ~580 words Rated S 4010: The 2068th World Science Fiction Convention
Stargate Atlantis: futurefic, though not East/West, Wildly AU kid!fic, featuring John-n-Rodney in 2017. ~3000 words for the sga_genficathon Fluffy. Rated E A Day on The Atalanta
Stargate Atlantis: The further adventures of the RepliTeam, based upon No traveller Returns by Greyias. ~6000 words for the gateverse remix challenge. Rated T (the Look Homeward, Angel remix)
Stargate Atlantis: He has no idea how he got here, or why. sga_flashfic 38 minutes challenge. as in, written in. ~840 words Rated E Plum 40
Stargate Atlantis: Audio version, 5:38 min @ 5.65mb. right click to download. Rated E Plum 40 (mp3)
Stargate Atlantis: A mission, a mystery. Written for sheafrotherdon in the sga_santa 2009 exchange. ~21,800 words Rated E Four Seasons
newStargate SG1: Cameron falls. Intended for the cm_tropefic, but it is unfinished and will probably remain that way. ~8,800 words Rated E I Sing the Body Electric: Twentieth Century Blues
newSupernatural: Dean's apple pie life. Unfinished and will probably remain that way. ~1800 words Rated T Kismet
newThe Munsters: Marilyn Munster: beauty or freak? Unfinished and will probably remain that way. ~980 words Rated E there is no friend like a sister


Everything below probably contains explicit homoerotic and/or heterosexual relationships, adult concepts, torture, rape and other consent issues. Go Back if this offends, annoys or shocks you.

X-troII: trilogy based on Lt. Baines from a Gawd-Awful horror movie in which Nick Lea was the bright spot as Lt. Baines. ~13,021 words Rated M, for underage necking #1: The Boy with the Stars in his Eye
X-troII/Gross Point Blank: Baines crossover with Martin Q Blank, pre-'Grosse Point Blank' ~15,200 words Rated A #2: Ascent to Pine Grove
X-troII: trilogy finale. Baines may have found what he was looking for. ~25,702 words Rated A #3: Day After Day
X-Files: Alex Krycek Meets Satans' incarnation on Earth. Crossover with failed 'Earth Angel' pilot. Mind the Warnings! ~6800 words Rated A Exaudi Orationem Meam
X-Files: Mulder and Krycek, Krycek and Mulder. 'Nuff said. ~20,900 words Rated A Prime Time
X-Files: In which I slay Dickens and Donne and Mulder. Originally written for Jami's Christmas Story challenge, now gone from fandom. Heed the Warnings. cover image Jami made for it! ~5100 words Rated A A Christmas Carol
Their Second Chance: Roy's life goes on, throws a few curve balls, and one is a mind twister. Written for the Zone Zine II, ~71,200 words Rated M Removed from web. long story.
Earth Angels/X-Files: Crossover Earth Angel's Maximillian and his Favorite Human, Alex Krycek. follows from Exaudi Orationem Meam, but it stands alone well enough. ~4000 words Rated A Intermezzo
Multi-Fandom Round Robin: Older, but just got around to adding it. I wrote the Baines section. Mind the warnings! Updated with laylya's original cover! ~19,500 words Rated A Mirror, Mirror
Stargate Atlantis: The aftermath of a disaster. Based upon "Patchwork" by Auburn, which is necessary to have read first. ~1490 words. Rated M Sheppard's Hand
Stargate Atlantis: Wherein Cameron Mitchell takes his family home to meet the 'rents. Missing scene from "What Happens Next" by bluflamingo ~13,500 words. Rated T What Comes Next: Interlude
Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1: A Boy and His Robot, featuring Cameron Mitchell, as you guessed it—the robot. Written for the first ever Cameron Mitchell trope ficathon ~31,450 words. Rated T Quality of Memory
newStargate Atlantis: Detective John Sheppard struggles to solve a case and save himself. MIND THE WARNINGS. A work in progress currently at ~104,000 words Rated A Theseus' Paradox
newStargate Atlantis: Atlantis, After. Unfinished and will probably remain that way. ~17,200 words Rated T Countdown



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