Sibling Reunion

Indiana, April 2005

Open the Link and right click the picture to save. These were taken with my new digital camera, a Canon Powershot Elph. Most are experimental as Chris and I played with the features as we discovered them. The impetus for this rare gathering of the clan was the Elder Brother was leaving for approximately a year to crew a sailboat in the Mediterranean, and so it would be some time before we could all get together again. The Younger Brother had declared that it was high time for us to come to him, no one had ever come to visit; hence the descending upon Indiana.

Lincoln's Birthplace

The shrine of Lincoln's birthplace, which houses a FAKE cabin. I was cheated.
The memorial building through the trees. An Experimental picture.
Sign about the memorial building
me around back
Sign about the spring. This really is the well that provided the family with water.
picture of the spring
More spring
even more spring
Susie at the memorial
Outside Talbot's where we ate dinner. First built in 1799, and has been running a restaurant or Inn continously ever since.
More goofing off after dinner.

At home & Playing around

Dave and Lynnette
Dave and Lynnette
Dave, Jim, Susie and Scooby
Chris was playing with Black and white.
Another B/W shot
Yet Another B/W shot
In color this time.
Sepia tone from the camera!
another Sepia tone
Geneva making a necklace
Jim on the hammered dulcimer, Dave with guitar
Scooby. Too cute for words
Susie and Scooby
Susie reenacting the glamour shot
Scooby playing, a little movie

The drive home (mainly for Pam and one for the Moose Gang.)

Test shot out windshield
Passing through Bucksnort
Beautiful I-64 from the car window
ditto 2
ditto 3
ditto 4