Orlando Vacation October 2004

Siblings, In-Laws and a Niece Do Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

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Dave's camera took all but three of the pictures. thanks, Dave!

Ass-end view Shelley, Susie, Elizabeth
Movie-their version of the Teacups starring Lynnette
Another Movie, starring Lynnette, Elizabeth and Shelley
Hamming it up with Storm and Cyclops
Lynnette, Carson, Susie, Elizabeth and Shelley geared up for the Spiderman 2 ride
In the cart for Spiderman
Dave takes a load off his feet and thinks
Susie and Carson in Lost Worlds
The Fry's do the Baby Birdie act. Lynnette & Carson will have nothing to do with us after this.
Whee! Elizabrth, Susie and Shelley in seats 1, 2, 3
Schmoozing with Merlin
Elizabth & Merlin
Movie of Schmoozing with Merlin