Updated index to css3 instead the old frames. one page insted of 3, and I don't remember how frames worked any more! Removed Paypal link.

The Zone Zines I & II have returned to the site. Report any errors, as I have only spot checked both of them.

Updated the site to accomodate the server plaform change earlier this year. Planning to re-add the ZoneZine back to the site, as the NickZone has gone.

The actual ZoneZines have moved to a server with unlimited storage and are now located at the The NickZone, probably where they should have been all along
Sometime in the last 2 years:
added bluflamingo as a hosted user at bluflamingo.zonezine.net
added smiley as a hosted user at smiley.zonezine.net removed Dave & Lynette's page, with the intent of getting them up and running elsewhere.

Removed link to Ilexa's website; apparently stopawhile isn't hosting her stories anymore.

In consideration to my brother's newly hosted website, it's possible to navigate your way to the root of a website, and I didn't want anyone accidentally stumbling on the 'zines by accident. Plus, it's always a good idea in any case. So,

Also, today marks the day that I learned cascading style sheets. This was strictly so I could place the image on the right hand side, and have it tile vertically. This only took about 6 hours, and it was time well spent. To wit:

Fixed Broken Links!
I signed up for a free trial at SevenTwentyFour, a link checking service, and boy am I glad I did! These folks are great--I got a report of other pages that link to mine, and a list of broken internal links. If you ever need a wonderful, professional link checking service, and more, these are your guys. Fixed Many, many broken or bad links to:

  • ZoneZone II, File directory, title page, Miscellaneous
  • Cover for Awaken, A Criminal Mind, In The Shadows
  • ZoneZine I, Bibliography
  • removed old files for ZoneZine II from password protected directory

Big Update: It was way past time for this to happen. Enjoy!

  • removed the advert page for ZoneZineII
  • Uploaded the web version of ZoneZine I & II, sans music files

Quite alot fixing since I moved to the new server. in short:

  • made sure the Paypal Link was on the main page
  • Corrected email address redirect for dossier at zonezine.net
  • Added redirect for Ilexa's page
  • Udated the Index to include this page and the Advert Page for ZZII
  • Fixed broken links on the Horoscopes

I'm sure there's more but that all I can think of at the moment!